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The New York Public Library Loves Nick Holt!

The New York Public Library just posted a list entitled “30 Historical Mystery Series to Get You Through Any Crisis” and Suzanne’s Elizabethan Spy Mysteries is included!

And she’s in good company, because many of the authors listed are considered masters of their craft, including Fiona Buckley, Candace Robb, and Anna Lee Huber.

“Filled with wonderful historical details and a look at the underbelly of Elizabethan London, you’ll be looking forward to subsequent volumes of Holt’s adventures.”

Read the full post here.

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“A Murder by Any Name”: Out Now!

Suzanne M. Wolfe’s new novel, the first in a mystery series set in Elizabethan England, is now available! A Murder by Any Name: An Elizabethan Spy Mystery has already received praise from acclaimed writers and book review sites.

The court of Elizabeth I is no stranger to plotting and intrigue, but the royal retinue is thrown into chaos when the Queen’s youngest and sweetest lady-in-waiting is murdered, her body left on the high altar of the Chapel Royal in Whitehall Palace. Solving the murder will require the cunning and savvy possessed by only one man. Enter Nicholas Holt, younger brother of the Earl of Blackwell―spy, rake, and owner of the infamous Black Sheep tavern in the seedy district of Bankside. Nick quickly learns that working for the Queen is a mixed blessing. Elizabeth―salty-tongued, vain, and fiercely intelligent―can, with a glance, either reward Nick with a purse of gold or have his head forcibly removed.

When a second lady-in-waiting is slain at Whitehall, the court once again reels with shock and dismay. On the trail of a diabolical killer, Nick and his faithful sidekick―an enormous Irish Wolfhound named Hector―are treading on treacherous ground, and only the killer’s head on a platter can keep them in the Queen’s good graces.

Praise for A Murder By Any Name
“An excellent series kickoff by Wolfe that cleverly highlights both the mystery and the many ills of Elizabethan times.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Captivating…. Fans of Fiona Buckley’s Ursula Blanchard and Kathy Lynn Emerson’s Rosamond Jaffrey will be delighted to add Wolfe to their reading lists.”

“[A] promising series launch… Fans of Elizabethan historicals will be satisfied.”
Publishers Weekly

“A deeply atmospheric and richly textured Elizabethan mystery…. I was captivated by Nicholas and Hector as they navigated court treachery and the dark recesses of the lower classes in this compelling Elizabethan mystery.”

—Shelley Freydont, New York Times bestselling author

“A classically plotted whodunit set against the background of Elizabethan London and the court of Queen Elizabeth the First, both of them well researched and vividly realized, with a wealth of detail. One can almost smell the reek of the 16th century streets and waterways.”
—Fiona Buckley, author of the Ursula Blanchard Elizabethan mysteries

“Filled with splendidly rich historical details, A Murder by Any Name takes readers on a twisty journey through the glittering royal court and the dank, shadowy alleys of Elizabethan London. Wolfe’s descriptions are unparalleled, immersing the reader in the time period as they join her wily protagonist on his quest to catch a cold-hearted killer.”
—Anna Lee Huber, bestselling author of the Lady Darby Mysteries

“Bewitching! Suzanne Wolfe opens the door to Elizabethan life through her masterful creation of the sympathetic spy, Nicholas Holt. An exciting start to a promising new historical mystery series.”
—Naomi Hirahara, Edgar Award-winning author of the Mas Arai series


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Confessions Wins Christianity Today Book Award

The Confessions of X has won the 2017 Christianity Today Book of the Year Award in the category of fiction. The citation reads as follows:

“In this gripping, beautifully written historical novel, Wolfe brings the ancient city of Carthage to life, immersing readers in the experiences that shaped the theology of Augustine of Hippo. In her deftly told and well-researched story, the unnamed woman whom Augustine loved and lived with for 13 years rises from the footnotes of history to become a dynamic, fully-fleshed character. Their relationship shows us an achingly real love, heartrending self-sacrifice, and the way that beliefs are shaped by experiences in the beautiful and terrible world.” —Amy Peterson, writer and assistant director of honors programming, Taylor University

This is Suzanne’s second CT book award. Her previous novel, Unveiling, won the Award of Merit for Fiction in 2005.

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A Closer Look at The Confessions of X

My (admittedly biased) friend and colleague from Seattle Pacific University, Jeffrey Overstreet, has launched a new series on his blog in which he looks at the first chapter of a book. The series is called “To Read or Not to Read.”

And he chose The Confessions of X for his inaugural post in the series. I’m grateful for his extremely thoughtful and nuanced reading of my work.

You can find his post here.

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Elliott Bay Book Company Reading!

My book launch was held on February 6 at Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle’s leading independent bookstore. There was a marvelous crowd, including new and old friends, colleagues, and current and former students.

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